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 · Che: Part One (The Argentine) () 22 subtitles downloaded times.  · Che: Part Two: Directed by Steven Soderbergh. With Demián Bichir, Rodrigo Santoro, Benicio Del Toro, Catalina Sandino Moreno. In , Ernesto 'Che' Guevara leads a small partisan army to fight an ill-fated revolutionary guerrilla war in Bolivia, South America.

Top Gap. This film part one and two are based on Che's book. Had a lot of potential but blew it. Really well put together, great acting, great action, great glimpse into Che's neglish.

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    The arrogance of the Argentine CHe made him invade a country where there had been a revolution on April 9Agrarian reform where all the land went to the Bolivian indigenous, peasants. Large mines were nationalized and cooperatives created. He did not know that at the time bolivians would unite against foreign invasion. Not the Bolivian communists from all the different factions would support them. His arrogance made him have dozens of photos, that were found when captured Regis Debray sang like a bird.

    Another mistake ,Bolivian soldiers are pride of their peasant,miners families when they enlist, he killed this young men.

    The area he was hated them for it and kept informing the militaryrefused to sell them food, locked or left. The mules Che and the Cubans used were tortured and later eaten. Tania stood like a sore thumb bedding goverment clerks for information. Bolivia lands were in the hands of who worked them. In he had tried to hook with Bolivian MNR and was denied all participation. Bolivian revolution of the 9 of April was by bolivians downkoad Bolivia.

    Che invaded Ethiopia, killing in the process and loosing also. Castro sent Che to Bolivia to get rid of him. Want to thank the brave patriotic Bolivians that fought the terrorists. And shame that the ex narco dictator communist Evo Morales and Arce want to turn Bolivia into a clon of the poor,miserable Cuba. Helpful Report abuse. Historically accurate? I am trusting Steve Sodderburg's research.

    This film part one and two are based on Che's book. It's simply a study based on Che's report of his memories. That said, this is not a political film or a biased film, it's simply a raw pseudo doc as the Cuban revolution is birthed, and then carried out. Early in the movie cne will hear the statistic "1. I believe this is historical fact and it's one of the foundations for the struggle.

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    It is stated as part of the recruitment and beginning of the forces to defeat Batista. If you want a docmentary that shows factual basis for this statistic, then I am sure there is one This is a film about what happened, how it happened, but as a reflection of one person's memories. It's not a history book. Benicio Del Toro does an incredible job portraying Che.

    This isn't a commentary movie taking sides for or against any of the scenes depicted. It is a movie recreating the Cuban Revolution based on one persons "Reminisces" That's all there is to it. People have given this movie one or two stars That's fine. When I read how they qualify those low reviews, I have noticed many anti-Che biased justifications.

    Che: Part One () - IMDb

    That's fine too. However, this movie is not actually "about Che" That's the difference between a book and a movie! But this is actually not a Frontline tv show either If you can't leave those expectations out, you will be disappointed. Nor is it an "action film" or a film that justifies the Cuban Revolution.

    Like I said, that isn't my barometer, and I do not expect this to be patt documentary with xownload actual battles and facts surrounding those battles If such exists in this movie, that's fine Yet, it makes me want to research further, so I say it is a successful movie. Now I want to know a little more, someday. This film makes me curious.

    In the first 10 minutes we hear the narrative of Che explaining that "they embarked from Mexico, in a leaky boat, with 85 people, and only 12 would survive to see the success I am sure this is a key part of the film, but I missed flul because many parts are in Espanol; the subtitles caused me to read key scenes and I wasn't able to track those 12, I think this is a great movie People grabbed that image and projected a false narrative on he was I daresay that of all the college kids who have the poster, very few have any clue who Che was Maybe they take the poster down?

    Maybe they print more t-shirts I am not voting for either side This movie gets you just a little bit closer to who the man was Che is the first of a two part series about famed Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara who helped Fidel Castro take power in Cuba. The movie flips back and forth between the s after the Cuban revolution and when it first started in the s.

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    The flashbacks allow Che to commentate on the revolution and compare where he was during and after the revolution. This is the irony of the story. It covers the hard struggles Che had one the Cuban government and being part of a revolutionary english that was up against the odds. At the same download it shows him jet setting around New York City with all kinds of the upper class which he would usually condemn as the bourgeoise American imperialists. It makes you wonder just what he was thinking downlooad he was going to all paet parties in America.

    Added to that is the movie is a celebration of Che as well and wants to romanticize him. Lisa Howard : Love? Ch as Mark Mangini. User reviews 80 Review. Top review. Che: Part One felt very complete and fulfilling. I found movie looking at Che "Che" Guevara as a very well rounded person. Not as an ideological downlooad fulfilling man but as an part man with thought out rational decisions as well as a man with many useful talents.

    The acting of the cast all around was very good but Benicio Del Toro took the movie by storm but he did this in a very subtle way. His performance displayed full Che's spirit was able to superseded the hardships faced moviw the Cuban Revolution. It did not display any brutality or recklessness but a devotion to a cause.

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    Del Toro's perforations was that worthy of an Oscar nomination but I don't think Che Guervara cared to much about awards. The directing by Steven Soderbergh was visually stunning at times with much of the scenes shot in the forest. What kept the movie upbeat though were the scenes of Che in New York giving interviews and addressing the U. It added an extra layer to the film allowing you to see another side of Che. The side in which he shows his political and speaking abilities.

    The writing was very good with the dialog always keeping you engrossed. The music, though not much of it, was very good and stayed within rhythm of the rest of the film. Overall the film succeeds in showing Che as a well rounded man never developing into oversimplified or unnecessarily complex portrayal of a man.

    Che: Part Two () - IMDb

    The movie was very accurate and refused to take on a role of being inspiring or Hollywoodish which I enjoyed. The only problem with the film I had was that it seems to have a little too much of a feel of a war film rather than a biopic. Still I highly recommend this film. FAQ 8. Is this a non-english film? What is the song with vocals that plays in the trailer?

    Does this movie explain Che's politics or how he adopted them? Details Edit. Release date January 24, United States. France Spain Mexico. Spanish English.

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    The Argentine. Puerto Rico. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit.

     · Che: Part One subtitles. AKA: Che: Part One - The Argentine, The Argentine, Che, Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) (Че: Аржентинецът (част 1)). The revolution made him a legend.. The Argentine, begins as Che and a band of Cuban exiles (led by Fidel Castro) reach the Cuban shore from Mexico in Within two years, they mobilized popular support and an army and toppled the U.S /10().  · Che: Part Two (Guerrilla) () 43 subtitles downloaded times. Add subtitles. Subtitles for this movie.  · Che: Part One. Fidel Castro sails into Cuban waters with 80 rebels in tow. Among those rebels is Argentine doctor Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, a man .

    Runtime 2 hours 14 minutes. Color Black and White.